Onion juice has sulphur that is said to prevent thinning and breakage of hair. Lesser hair thinning and breakage will ensure thick hair growth. Onion juice mildly nourishes hair follicles with the help of sulphur. Nourished hair follicles will allow regeneration of healthy hair.


Onion is widely used as a hair fall treatment, but when used in tandem with the right ingredients, it can truly offer a holistic and powerful solution that helps hair regrowth, reduces dandruff, prevents greying, adds shine, and reduces frizz. We have carefully studied each ingredient that goes into our hair fall control shampoo and formulated it with precise a combination of each of those ingredients.


  • They improve blood circulation which is another way they contribute to hair growth.
  • They are very good at hair follicle nourishment and help restore lost nutrients to your scalp.
  • They are rich in Sulphur, which is known to minimize breakage and thinning.
  • They are naturally potent antioxidants, which is why they help reverse the effects of premature greying.
  • This vegetable lends a healthy shine to hair, which can become permanent when used regularly.

CONCLUSION Onion is packed with dietary sulphur. It’s one of the building blocks of our body’s chemistry and helps in restoring damaged hair follicles by helping the production of keratin. Healthy hair follicles ensure a steady growth of hair and also a higher density of hair strands, making the hair thicker, more voluminous, and luscious. A healthy scalp is also key to reduced hair fall and strong, silky hair. Healthier amounts of keratin also get rid of split ends and frizziness, and prevents premature greying

Viherb Onion Herbal Oil

 Unavoidable exposure to pollution, poor quality of water with its hardness and other included pollutants are primary culprits for assault on your hair. Every day, these elements work to make your hair lose its natural shine and drain out the natural oils from your hair.

 Some hair care tips like Including onion oil in your hair care regimen may help resolve some of the issues with your hair and scalp. Onion oil has been known to Indian Ayurveda for ages as the key to thick, healthy hair. It has known benefits that are great for improving hair texture as well as nourishing the scalp. The old-age remedies also prove the benefits of using onion hair oil. It contains sulfur which entails that your hair follicle will be well-hydrated.


Onion has been adding flavour and thickness to our dishes for time immemorial. But it is not merely a staple that belongs on your kitchen rack. From onion hair rasa to onion hair oil, onion plays a vital role in hair care and nourishment. It also

  • Treats Hair Fall

ü Promotes healthy regrowth

  • It’s an ideal remedy for anyone suffering from infections or dandruff as regular use of this anti-bacterial oil improves scalp hygiene.
  • It does an incredible job at nourishing your scalp and improving blood circulation which ensures thicker hair growth.
  • The nutrients present in onion oil help prevent oxidation of hair whilst also maintaining the pH balance of hair. The last bit helps avoid premature greying.