After experiencing the scorching heat of summer, the rainy season always feels like a blessing. It’s easy to lose yourself in the cooler temperatures and pleasantly overcast skies of the season. But the flipside is that the weather change can be tough on your skin. For starters, it takes a while for your skin to adjust to the sudden change in the weather. If ignored, your skin can lose its natural glow (which we don’t want, obviously). The increased humidity in the air can also trigger skin issues and make it dull. The only way to tackle this is to ensure that your morning skincare routine transitions smoothly with the changing seasons. If your skin tends to get particularly greasy during monsoon, then it’s important to have an appropriate skincare routine for oily skin that includes lightweight products. For those with dry skin, moisturizing adequately is essential as the weather can dry up your skin further.

To help you sail through the rainy season with ease, we’ve rounded natural skincare products 

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